「Miyajima Juku」has been a DJ school since 2003.

More than 400 students have been trained and have been improving their skills in the past 16 years. 

「Miyajima’s」been  broadcasting to the world his unique style as a Japanese scratcher.

This video program「Miyajima’s Method」is prepared to upgrade your skills.

We provide exclusive drills and great inspiration for advanced scratcher’s and provide great learning tips and secrets drilling tips to improve their skills quicker for beginners.

The Miyajima Method is essentially an online course to help you learn the art of scratching while watching videos.

Currently, the videos do not have English subtitles on them yet (we plan to add them sometime in 2020!).

In addition to the videos, you can also communicate directly with DJ Miyajima using video and Zoom etc. to help you learn what you can’t do (this is the main focus of the Miyajima Method).

It’s not ready yet, but if you’re interested in joining, let’s try!

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